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ABC Catalyst recently ran a feature on soundscape ecology and our lab was privileged to be a part of the story. It was a great story that aptly summarised the new field of soundscape ecology. The story was entertaining, yet simple and that makes it a great resource for our field - I showed it to my all my family and friends!

Soundscape - the world according to sound.

Soundscape - the world according to sound.

You can view the story and the associated article online via ABC’s websites.

The story contained interviews with the ‘father of our field’ Bernie Krause. Bernie is truly passionate for soundscape ecology and has many years experience collecting recordings of the environment. The audio from the start of the story, where we heard the beavers mourning, is also featured in Bernie’s Ted talk - it is a talk I highly recommend.

Also featured in the story were our fantastic collaborators Prof David Watson of Charles Sturt University, Dr Eddie Game of The Nature Conservency, and Dr Susan Fuller of Queensland University of Technology. Our own Dr Michael Towsey (also featured) has previously written about our work with our collaborators, particularly those involving long-duration false colour spectrograms in this article - check it our for a great summary of our work.

Of course our very own Jessie Cappadonna and her PhD research was also featured, exploring how to engage citizen scientists with searching for Eastern Bristlebird calls from recordings. Jessie did a great job explaining her work and how she hopes to assist conservation efforts of the Eastern Bristlebird Recovery Team to learn where the species still resides.

If you’d like to participate in Jessie’s research you can contact her via twitter, our contact us form, or through email.

Jessie's Bristlebird Bioacoustics Bonanza project

Jessie’s Bristlebird Bioacoustics Bonanza project


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