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The biennial ACM SIGCHI conference, #DIS2016, Designing Interactive Systems was themed “fuse”. This theme highlights fusing boundaries in all areas and exploring design possibilities of all form. The conference was held at QUT Garden Points Campus in Brisbane. In the 3 day conference, designs of all forms were discussed, highlighting design as a process as well as design as a product and how it matters as we reimagine new designs in a variety of contexts for the future.

Specifically for environmental conservation and monitoring, Tshering submitted a provocative work in progress paper Challenges in Designing Visual Analytics for Environmental Acoustic Monitoring and also presented a poster on this topic.

Tshering's poster presentation

Tshering’s poster presentation

Also from our lab, Jessie Cappadonna, presented a poster on her discussion paper Calls from the wild: Engaging citizen scientists with animal sounds. Jess and her co-authors suggest that perhaps future citizen science including acoustics would benefit from the implementation of a co-designed approach, combining knowledge of expert citizen scientist birders reliant on acoustics outdoors, citizen scientists engaged with online projects (e.g. DigiVol), and computer scientists. If you would like more information about Jess’ research feel free to contact her.

Jess's poster presentation

Jess’s poster presentation

Do you use Twitter? If so don’t forget to follow our lab @QUTEcoacoustics, and you can find out more about the conference using the #DIS2016 hashtag.


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